Chemical Products

With over twenty years of experience in the field of precious metals chemistry and a remarkable know-how acquired on site, combined with the use of tailored and technologically sophisticated systems and a strong drive for innovation, Cabro Spa has been able to study, create and develop a wide choice of high-quality products that can satisfy the demands of a broad customer portfolio, ranging from multinational and large-scale companies to the so-called "niche" clientele.

Cabro’s catalog includes precious metal compounds (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Os, Ir, Pr) meant for electroplating, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, glasses and eyewear – and a number of other products whose production can be quite troublesome – all widely appreciated for their high purity standards, as required by certain industrial and professional fields who take pride in high quality, sophisticated technology and safety.

Flexible and dynamic by its nature, Cabro is an ever-evolving company who has always aimed for new market sectors. Thanks to a highly qualified Research & Development team, it is relentlessly committed to research and improvement of new products to expand its range of fine chemicals and special products.