Thick Film

Cabro offers a wide range of conductive products, based on silver and other precious metals, with either a high or low metal content, which are suitable for different application technologies.

Cabro’s products are employed in a number of fields, ranging from photovoltaic systems to the automotive industry, from electronics to diamond tools up to special applications such as inks and conductive adhesives.

Production technologies and formulas are developed in-house by qualified specialists with an extensive experience in this field. Cabro’s deep knowledge of the process also guarantees the highest quality and the most accurate delivery times for the customer.

Cabro offers a large variety of silver-based conductive pastes, inks and flakes for screen printing on glass in the automotive industry and for other types of applications such as thick film and polymer thick film inks, RFID, spray paints for RF and EMI shielding, conductive adhesives etc.

The company is yet more than willing to test and develop new solutions and products in harness with its customers and depending on the application needs.

For any enquiry or adjustment of the formulas, please contact Cabro’s customer service.

Here is the list of Cabro’s standard products.