Decorative Coatings

Over the years, our passion for precious metal processing and employment in a number of industrial fields has enabled us to enhance our product range, branching out into ceramic and glass decoration through organometallic compounds such as liquid gold, lusters, paints, thinners and mediums.

Chemical Products

Cabro’s catalog includes precious metal compounds meant for electroplating, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, glasses and eyewear – and a number of other products whose production can be quite troublesome – all widely appreciated for their high purity standards, as required by certain industrial and professional fields who take pride in high quality, sophisticated technology and safety.

Thick Film

Cabro offers a large variety of silver-based conductive pastes, inks and flakes for screen printing on glass in the automotive industry and for other types of applications such as thick film and polymer thick film inks, RFID, spray paints for RF and EMI shielding, conductive adhesives etc.


With an eye to innovation and technical progress, Cabro Spa has always invested considerable resources and efforts in a Research Program aimed at the creation, development and production of nanomaterials that could promptly and efficiently meet the ever-changing demands of the global market.

Top News

Cabro is a partner of Future Fashion the research project, financed by Regione Toscana entitled Future Fashion, as company expert in the synthesis and production of fluorescent nanomaterials for anti-counterfeiting applications.

Cabro has developed a state-of-the-art technology using a brand new thermochromic ink that can be employed on all types of materials to prove the authenticity of a product.